British born, Los Angeles based photographer, Phil Knott has been producing images for well over 20 years. His photographs are rich in content and creativity and portray a unique energy, a style that is soulful and honest in its capacity to extract what is raw and intimate from his subjects.  Knott has invented a niche for himself, attracting a wide range of clients including:
Paramount  Pictures, Stussy, Versace sport/fragrance, Sony records, Epic records, Atlantic records, Universal records, Island records, Virgin records, EMI records, Steve Madden, Hennessy, Afropunk, Casio, Smart Car, Goodyear, IFF, Joseph Aboud, Nike, Reebok, JohnRichmond, Alfa- Romeo, Technics, Sonnetti, Stussy to name a few.
Magazines including:
Flaunt, I.D, Jocks & Nerds, Elle, GQ, The Face, Raygun, Nylon, Big Smoke, Sunday times UK, NewYork Times, the Independent, Observer, E.S magazine, Big Issue, Vibe Magazine, Urb Magazine, Max Magazine, Interview magazine, Soma magazine,
Phil Knott’s work has been showcased in a majority of countries around the globe, from Japan to New York.  Exhibitions include:
Name of gallery: Exhibition name (year)
Barbican art gallery: JAM (1996)
DeBeers gallery Amsterdam (2009)
Diesel gallery New York: Flip the script -surface to air (2006)
Casio Japan: Eye on the Natives (2007)
Remastered San Francisco (2006)
BBlessing gallery: surface to air -tally ho (2005)
IFF gallery New York (2015)
Masters of light Japan (2014)
Black in London Central London (1998)
London’s Rochelle School gallery: Ghosts of birds gone (2011)
Photoville New York gallery: Contact High hip-hop (2017)
Diesel Fragrance New York (2008)
Alongside his photography Phil has been producing personal and commercial art in the form of collage and pop art inspired works, landing him an unheard of 2 season artwork campaign for the legendary streetwear brand STUSSY.